Soldier Biographies
This section contains the following soldier biographies, each on a separate page, in alphabetical order. Please use hyperlinks to go directly to the biography you want. If you would like to add your ancestor's biography to this page, please contact me at <>.  

Samuel E. Allmon, 1st. Lieut., Co. C 
Charles C. Andrews, Priv., Co. A 
John A Brown, Priv., Co. I 
Cyrus N Buffe, Corpl.. Co. D
Henry M. Cline, Sergt. Co. B 
John Coalman (Coleman), Priv., Co. B (photo)
Samuel H. Cole, 1st. Lieut., Co. F (photo) 
James Alexander Counts, Corpl., Co. A 
George Cramer, Priv., Co. C
Alfred Crawford, Priv., Co. A 
Jacob Dempster, Priv., Do. B
Lyman A. Doan, Priv., Co. E 
Frederick Dunning, Capt., Co. F 
Leonard Eastman, Priv., Co. F 
Byron Fessenden, Sgt., Co. F 
Alonzo Grafton 2nd Lieut., Co. E (photos) new!
John M. Graybeal, Corpl., Co. D (photos) 
Joseph Griffin, Sergt., Co. D
Bateson Harris, Priv., Co. B 
John M. Hollaway, 1st. Lieut., Co. E  
Daniel Hubbell, Priv., Co. G (photo) 
John Jackson, Corpl., Co. B 
Henry Kipp, Lieut., Co. G 
Joseph Kitchen, Capt., Field & Staff 
Adam Lambert, Priv., Co. I
Jesse Lambert, Priv., Co. I
Franklin La Rue, Sergt., Co. K 
Jacob S. Loffer, Corpl., Co. E
George W. Loop, Priv., Co. G 
Arthur B. Maynard, Corpl., Co. C 
John Dennis McCullough, Priv., Co. F 
William McWilliams, Priv., Co. G 
Russell Mulford, Priv., Co. E, 
John H. Pearson, Priv., Co. I (photo)
Eli Pence, Corpl., Co. H 
William Pence, Priv., Co. E 
John Powell, Priv., Co. E
John C. Price, Priv., Co. H 
Alexander S. Ramsey, Lieut. Col., Field & Staff 
Henry Rea, Corpl., Co. E 
William Rea, Priv., Co. E (gravesite photo)
Elias F. Scott, Capt., Co. A (gravesite photos)
Archibald A. Stewart, 1st. Lieut., Co. E 
Cornelius Swalley, Priv., Co. K 
William P. Wallace, 1st. Sergt., Co D